Make Sure Your Home Is Well-Ventilated

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Your ductwork is responsible for moving air through your home efficiently. If your ducts are dirty, your HVAC system will have to work harder-and use more energy-to heat and cool your home. That means spending more on your energy bills. Trust the Laponica Refrigeration team to keep your ducts in good condition.

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5 signs your ducts need to be cleaned

It isn't always obvious that your ducts are dirty because you don't often see them. But you probably need to have them cleaned if:

  1. You or your family are suffering from unexplained respiratory problems.
  2. Your air filters are collecting a lot of dirt and dust buildup.
  3. Your vents are visibly dusty or moldy.
  4. Your airflow is inconsistent from room to room.
  5. Your energy bills spike suddenly while the temperature stays the same.

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